Alexander Wilson (Glasgow)

This founder is treated to an excellent exposition by Philip Gaskell in his book on the eighteenth-century printers to Glasgow University. He the subject of some discussion by Johnson and Berry in their book on types.

Wilson's first known specimen sheet was issued in 1772¹ however, William Rind seems to be using these types as early as February, 1770 in his Virginia Gazette.² Wilson types are also found in the work of other printers prior to the release of the first specimen indicating a strong word-of-mouth promotion of the fonts among printers and/or agents supplying printers. (This particular subject deserves more study and will be treated to such by the project in the future.)

The foundry was first established at St. Andrew's in 1742 in a partnership with John Baine. In 1744 the whole operation was moved to Glasgow and Wilson began work with the Glasgow University Printers, Robert and Andrew Foulis.³


Here is an example of Wilson's letterforms.

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